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Option 1: Individual Record Search

A single record search involving research in any one source for one record, eg research in the church baptismal records for one record.
Cost €30 / US$34*
mother and daughter viewing album

Option 2: Family Search

A family search covering research in the available church and civil records for the marriage of a couple and for the available birth/baptismal records of their children.
Cost €50 / US$56
ladies viewing album

Option 3: Assessment

An assessment is the first stage in researching for your Family History Report. The assessment fee covers the time involved in locating information on your ancestor in the available sources and no details of the family are provided at this stage.
Cost €75 / US$85
old archive book

Option 4: Family History Report

Our Family History Report typically consists of all available information on the paternal side of the family (unless we have been requested to follow the maternal line). It provides details of all relevant birth, baptismal, marriage and death records and, where appropriate, census and land records. It will also contain maps of the area and any other relevant information found in ancillary sources. The size of a report varies, as does the cost, depending on the area, the time and the sources.
Cost: From €150 / US$169*

* All payments are in Euro. US$ dollar conversion rates are estimates only. Check conversion rates